Understanding The Features on Your New Smartphone


smartphone features

When choosing a new Smartphone the options can seem quite overwhelming at times and it doesn’t help with the endless options available on the market. These days new phones are coming out faster than ever before and these new phones have many new features which the average person has never heard of before.

Because of these new features, how can the average person know which phone is right for them as there will be some people who don’t know what features they need?

In this article, we will look at some of the important features, so you know what they are and hopefully, if they are right for you or not.

The Camera

The camera is the biggest feature of any phone, the camera itself has many features which you need to look into so this is the first place to start. Firstly, do you use the phone a lot and how important is the picture quality?

If it is important then is important to get a high megapixel camera. Now depending on your budget, you may be limited by this, but make sure you get the best megapixel camera money can buy.

You will also need to look at the phone memory because the higher the megapixels the more space it will take up on the phone. Some phones come with a microSD slot and you really want to make sure the phone you’re purchasing has this as you will be up to store much more files than if you only have internal storage.

Another important feature of the camera is the flash, some phones don’t have a flash but many do come with LED flash. Going back to the megapixels, do not buy a phone that has less than five megapixels as you will be extremely disappointed with the picture quality. Also, bear in mind the camera acts as a camcorder too, so you want to make sure your phone captures video in HD and the very minimum HD resolution you to go for a 720p and if you can get full 1080p HD as this will give you the best video quality.

The Display Screen

The display screen is another important feature. These days people like to watch videos and show other people their photos on their phone and for this reason the display screen is extremely important. Ideally you want to get the phone with HD resolution and the minimum HD resolution you should go for is 720p HD, ideally, you want full 1080p HD for the best picture quality.

Another important feature is the pixel density, the higher the pixel density the better the picture quality. The size of the screen will play an important role too as the minimum you should really look for a smartphone these days is 4 inches but the ideal screen sizes is 5 inches and anything bigger than that you’re starting to look in the phablet phone range.

The Battery

Battery life is an extremely important feature. Unfortunately, Smartphones these days, in general, come with poor battery life and on average you can expect a days use before a charge required. So when you are thinking of buying a phone it is extremely important you look at the battery life. Now there are some new phones that are being released onto the market which provide up to 2 days of use before a charge is required and if you can, you should go for one of these. But if the phone you’re looking at gives you less than a day’s use, you will be very frustrated by your phone as you will be one of those people that constantly needs to charge their phone and this will become more hassle in the long run.


And this is probably the most important feature which is the processor and RAM. If your phone is lacking in this department you would experience lots of lag and you’ll find that your apps run slow and if you’re a gamer, you will be left frustrated with poor RAM and processor. When it comes to RAM get a phone that has at least 1 GB of RAM and with the processor, try to get something that is over 2 GHz quad core processor. This should be enough to get you by but obviously, if you want future proof your phone so go for the highest available RAM and processor

Phone Connectivity

Another important feature is the connectivity features of the phone. Have a look at all connectivity options are available to you, does the phone have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC and so on. Be sure that your phone gives you a range of connectivity options.

These are just some important features to look out for when you’re buying a phone. Be sure to always do your research on any phone you plan to purchase. Once you know what you want in the phone it becomes easier to purchase the right phone that you will be more than happy with. So remember to keep these tips in mind with your next phone purchase.

To Buy or Not to Buy Cheap Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are more than just phones these days, they are more like sophisticated gadgets and it is not surprising that almost everyone desires to have one. Although mobile phones are high-tech sophisticated gadgets the good news is it is still possible to purchase one relatively cheap.

If you’re in the market for a cheap mobile phone don’t just buy any cheap phone from the shop, make sure you do your research first to get the best possible cheap phone.

Since the mobile phone was introduced to the general population it has evolved beyond a device that just makes calls. Not only has the device evolved but the type of people that use them too. When mobiles first came out the only type of people you’d see with them were either businessmen or the rich but now it is not uncommon to see kids and teenagers have their own phone.

Mobile phones have become more of a high-tech toy than a device to make essential calls. This is because of the various functions the modern-day mobile phone has to offer.

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends and that’s why the high price high-tech phones are in demand. But there are some people who just want a cheap phone that gets the job done and not really worried about the latest trends in mobile phone technology. There was a time when cheap phone meant you could simply call and text, but these days cheap phone and what would be classed as basic functions are obviously being able to make calls and texts but also having a half decent camera and video camera.

Okay, so the first thing to do when buying a cheap mobile phone is to establish a price bracket, once you have that, research online to find the top five that fit into that bracket.

When doing your research, check independent review sites like techradar.com and search forums to see what real people are saying about those models. The next thing to do is make a basic list of the specs and compare them side by side to see which one has the best spec.

So you need to list things like camera, video camera, battery life and usability. By making a list like the one above this will make sure that you pick out the best cheap phone that is available on the market.

Generally, when people are searching for a cheap phone they are either looking for a pay-as-you-go or SIM free phone as most contract phones are cheap anyway or even free in most cases. When you are searching for a phone if pay-as-you-go is the one you’re after make sure to check the SIM free version as this could be cheaper in some cases and if you currently have a pay-as-you-go Sim card you can just carry on using your existing Sim card and not have to worry about changing the g phone number.

When you find a phone that you like it is important to try out a fully operating model. Try to find a friend, co-worker or even pop into a shop that has all fully operating model and try out to make sure you like it. There’s nothing worse than buying a phone that you struggle to operate.

So in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with cheap mobile phones and even these days cheap mobile phones go above and beyond the basic calling and texting. The only thing with cheap mobile phones and have to deal due diligence to make sure you get the best possible value phone the cheapest price.